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Rules of Play

Play at Little Stars is strictly for children aged 0-6 years. Please respect our age policy as it is designed to ensure safe play for young children. If you would like to visit with older children you can visit The Milky Way which offers a fantastic day out for children of all ages and also includes Little Stars as part of the entry fee. If you decide to visit The Milky Way, older children will be allowed entry to Little Stars to eat and drink with you, but this will be on a strictly no play basis.

Please remove shoes before entering the play areas.

Socks must be worn at all times on the play equipment.

Bare skin can burn on the slides so long sleeves and trousers are recommended.

Children must be supervised by an adult and remain their responsibility at all times.

Remove all jewellery, badges and other sharp objects

Children who are unwell should not use the play equipment.

Leave all personal items sich as money with parents / guardians.

Children who wear glasses or contact lenses should take particular care.

No food drink or chewing gum in the play frame

No glassware

No liability will be accepted for any losses, damage or theft.